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Congratulations come flooding in after victorious 'use up' campaign

After our successful campaign to HMRC, we would like to thank you for all the congratulations sent to Envelope Systems since this victory. We present them below:

Congratulations on leading the charge in such a selfless way and getting a remarkable speedy result from HMRC.

Although your company stood to gain from this enforced change, you have represented the charity sector with integrity, speed and energy and marshalled a highly effective petition campaign to overturn. You deserve the highest credit – victories against HMRC are as rare as hen’s teeth!

Thank you from us, and if I can say so from the whole charity sector.

Stephen Cooper

Support Our Paras. The Parachute Regiment Charity

Congratulations and many thanks. You took a strong stand against a very unreasonable and unthinking decision by an institution that deserved to be shamed over it. Well done and all best wishes.

David Varley

St. Peter, Oundle

Fantastic news victory for common sense. It is nice to know that there is a Company who promotes “ Customer Service” at its best.

Brian Willcocks

St. Michael and All Angels, Alphington

Penny - Thank you for your unstinting and completely unselfish move in the interest of saving money for beleaguered charities, at your possible short term disadvantage.

Alan Woodhead

The Friends of St. Michael’s, Cherry Burton

Thank you so much for organising this petition. It was a great to see everyone signing up so quickly and that HMRC responded to that. I'm sure the fact that Envelope Systems were not going to gain from any relaxation of the new rules, quite the reverse, made a big difference.

Diane Aderyn

South Wraxall PCC

Thank you for standing up to HMRC. Someone has to do so. I had already worked out that you could have profited by this in the short term. I admire you for taking so principled a stand!

Charles Forgan

Captain Cook Memorial Museum


A very practical example of the service you provide.

Charles Aylwin

St. Saviour’s Church, South Hampstead

That's wonderful! Thanks so much for doing this for us, particularly as there is nothing in it for your sales. It is deeply appreciated and ensures our faithful custom to you as long as HMRC requires envelopes.

Penny Jones

St. Mary, Limpley Stoke

Heartiest congratulations on your success. The Treasurers within our Team will be overjoyed to hear the news.

Robin Belton

St. Mary and St. John, Bridport

Thank you for your email and campaign on our behalf! I hope that your belief in pursuing long term objectives over short term ones serves you well!

Philip Lawton

Church of the Holy Cross, Moreton Morrell

10/10, Gold Star, and a Tick!!

Jeff Smith

St. Kenelm, Upton Snodsbury

Congratulations! I was about to sign the petition when I saw the update that HMRC has seen sense, so quickly that it almost defies belief. Well done on campaigning so effectively on behalf of your customers, even if it was not in the best financial interests of Envelope Systems. You could teach VW a thing or two about integrity!!

Jim Marshall

Kinross Parish Church

Thanks so much for this!!

It is so encouraging that there are still some decent companies around among the many who try to rip us off!

A very satisfied customer

Malcolm Smith

St Mary, Warthill

Congratulations on achieving this major concession from HMRC and, indeed, for mounting this campaign in the first place, which was certainly not in Envelope Systems' financial interest so to do.

I only signed your petition this morning and forwarded it to some 20 other treasurers within our deanery and diocese, many of whom also signed it…

I am delighted that common sense has prevailed and I can assure you that we will continue to order our envelopes from Envelope Systems…

Homer Cox

The Parish of Buxted and Hadlow Down

Well done and thank you for organising the campaign from all of us small buyers.

Jacky Butlin

St Mary, Sutton Maddock

Congratulations Penny!!

Just heard the news that HMRC will extend deadline!!

Well done.

Theresa Moses

Diocese of London

This is such excellent news and will help us enormously - having just lost all the lead off our north and south aisles we need every penny we can get! Thanks for your support.

Margaret Langridge

All Saints, Hundon

I congratulate you on your stance and taking them to account…

Mike Meur

Christ Church, Southgate

Great news! Many thanks for all your efforts

Graham Edwards

Hebron Church, Stockton

Your selfless campaign, which flies in the face of profit for your own business (or a windfall if you like) deserves reward and mention.

I will ensure that all treasurers/gift aid officers in our benefice will hear of your actions, though I'm sure many will have supported your campaign. My aim will be to suggest that the next envelope order they make, regardless of their existing supplier, is made to your company. That way, you should hopefully, albeit belatedly, enjoy a potential windfall.

Andy Mulligan

All Saints, Horstead

Well done – and many thanks for your excellent initiative in pursuing this with HMRC.

Grahame Wood


This is good news; your work on this appeal is very much appreciated.

Linda Hamling

St. Albans International Organ Festival

Well done Penny - our hero!

Bob Soutter

Holy Trinity, Exmouth

Thank you thank you thank you xx

Ann Clarke

St. Mary and St. Francis, Rivenhall and Silver End

Well done to you and many thanks from my church.

Marilyn Leigh

St. Mary, Mablethorpe

Penny very well done!!

David Knapman

St. Mary the Virgin, Woburn

That's brilliant. Many thanks for achieving this concession.

Caroline Robinson

Chelmsford Cathedral

What an honourable person she is. And HMRC showing a human side!

Julia. The Parish of Langham

Very many thanks for your hard work sorting this out, it is very much appreciated.

Margaret Clark

St. Michael, Malton

Thank you for wonderful news.

And thank you for standing up for common sense, even if it means a delay in the reordering of stocks by U.S. All.

Barbara White

Salisbury United Reformed Church

Hearty congratulations to you for your splendid effort and a deserved common sense result.

Robert Hall

St. Mary, Thornton-in-Craven

Thank you very much for all your work on this, a victory for common sense.

Tony Collacott

Wat Phra Singh UK

On behalf of all of us, well done and thanks for taking this on!

Mark Parsons

Christ Church, Clifton

Well done that's great news.

Graham Bircham

Martham PCC

Terrific effort. Well done and thanks

John Semmons

St. Peter, Pitton

Congratulations. I Checked our stock this morning having seen and signed your petition yesterday and we still have over 900 which I reckon will last about 3 years.

Michael Holford

St Katharine, Ickleford

Congratulations. Common sense has prevailed.

Ray Ford

The Parishes of Swaledale with Arkengarthdale

Great news Penny and very well done.

Stephen Adams

St. Mary, Netherbury

Thank you so very much for pursuing this change to HMRC's policy over the introduction of the new wording on Gift Aid envelopes. It's great that you have achieved this for us all. Well done!

Howard Brooks

All Saints Church Kempston

This is good news; your work on this appeal is very much appreciated.

Linda Hamling

St. Albans International Organ Festival

Well done to you and all who joined in.

John Naylor

Beacon House of Prayer, Stoke on Trent

Congratulations Penny

Thank you for getting this concession for us all.

We are all most grateful.

Rachel Naylor

St. Peter and St. John, Kirkley


Well done, and many thanks, Penny.

Michael Ling

Oxfordshire Association for the Blind

Congratulations – a good outcome.

Lawrence Dunning

St. Mary, Thorncombe

Magic, many thanks.

James Hamilton

Old Parish Church, Lesmahagow

Thank you so much for all your efforts and getting such a great result.

Helen Hawes

St Mary, Osterley

Good for you for taking this important initiative and achieving such a speedy and satisfying result! Having recently purchased a new supply of your envelopes, I am very grateful that you did what you did.

Ian Corsie

St Mary’s Church Holy Island

Very grateful for your efforts!!

Graham Tyson

The Parish of Lanteglos-by-Fowey

Well done, and thanks! Your selfless intervention is highly appreciated!

Graham Moss

Parish of Llansilin

I am so pleased to have received your email today. Thank you for efforts here and for bringing this issue to our attention.

Ian Shaw

St Kentigern, Cumbria

That’s a relief, we hadn’t started on the recent purchase which will last at least 5 years

Andrew Davison

Parish of Westonbirt with Lasborough

Well done and thank you for organising this.

Jan Paul

St Swithun's, East Grinstead

Well done all! I am so relieved …

Congratulations from one very happy Friend!

Angela Drennan

The Friends of St Mary’s, Cleobury Mortimer

Well done!

Love from Gosforth St Nicholas x

Thanks for your update. Reason prevailed !!

Eric Robinson

St. Lawrence, Castle Rising

Well done Penny

Pauline Arkle


Great news.

Thanks Penny

Garth Hoskins

St Mary's Queniborough

Well done!

The Parishes of Redruth

Thank you Penny. Well done!

Selby Nesbitt

St. George's, Belfast

Thank you so much…

Christine Tozer

All Saints, Babbacombe

Congratulations. Well done!

Peter Vernon

Liphook Catholic Church

Well Done!!!!

Eleanor Lindley

St. Mary Magdalene


Well done.

David Farris

St. Michael and All Angels


Many thanks for the good news and well done!

Ricardo Dorich

The Parish of St. Kew

Well done. We are very proud of being part of a system which makes room for democracy. Also, we are delighted to work with your company which shares our own values. Thank you.

Alison Crawford

The PCC of Flax Bourton

Congratulations on getting the Government to rethink about Gift Aid envelopes.

As we are a small church, it takes us a while to get through a box of envelopes, and I was not keen on the idea of having to throw them all away.

Thank you for organising the campaign.

yours truly

Andrew Tucker

Treasurer, Golders Green Unitarians

Huge congratulations - this will save a lot of work and expense for a lot of very worthy small organisations, as you know better than me.

Well done

All good wishes

Graham Winyard



Thank you Penny. A brilliant result and a well written letter by you on behalf of your company.

Elaine Allen

Ipsden Church



Anne Matravers

All Saints

Long Whatton

Well done, I have several hundred to use up

Gordon Fielding

St. Cross


Well done and thank you for the savings!

Chris Pratt

Earl Soham PCC

Thank you very much!!!

Cath Coates

Hospice at Home

Carlisle and North Lakeland

That is good. I threw nearly a whole box away last time as being a small congregation a box lasts a couple of years.

Paul Stannard

St. Mary, Denham

Well done, your effort is much appreciated.


John Airey

St. Peter, Ridley

Congratulations and thank you for your successful efforts.

Tim Arnold

St. Mary and St. Michael

Bibury with Winson

Thanks Penny & Envelope Systems. It is a sizeable concession that will save us, a relatively small church, a sizeable amount. Thank you for your representations.

Nigel Smethers

Slade Evangelical Church


published on 5 November 2015

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