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2015 Gift Aid declaration update

Welcome to our dedicated page explaining details and background to HMRC’s latest update to Gift Aid declaration wordings and the new envelope we've developed to comply with this. 

HMRC initially announced an April 2016 deadline for churches and charities to adopt the new wording, however, after a campaign by Envelope Systems, this deadline was dropped by HMRC. There is now no deadline for using up old envelope stocks. Read about our campaign here.

the changes explained

HMRC has simplified the standard declaration following consultation with several bodies representing the charities sector.
Simplicity and clarity are cited as the drivers for the new wording, but a further new aspect is HMRC’s wish to ensure that donors specifically accept their responsibilities as part of the declaration. 
The model text now states that donors accept responsibility for paying back any difference if more tax has been claimed than has been paid.
Previously mandatory information about council tax and VAT not qualifying and references to Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCS) has all gone.
A further concern behind the change is thought to have been non wage-earning situations such as inheritance, where a person might receive a legacy, make a substantial charitable donation as a result, Gift Aid it, but not have paid enough tax to cover it.
Higher nil rate bands are also taking some low income groups out of tax completely.

the new envelope


In adopting the new model wording, we have also modernised the look of our famous yellow Gift Aid envelope, the most popular and widespread in the UK.
In the spirit of the simplicity underlined by HMRC in making its announcement, donors now have less to fill in than ever before.
A single line now invites only the first line of the home address with post code. These are the only two pieces of address information required for a successful repayment claim.
A signature has never been required to validate a Gift Aid declaration. Until now our envelopes have always had one, but in the interest of simplicity, this is also now omitted on the new design. The previous ‘full name’ is now split out as ‘title’, first name/initials’ and surname to match the HMRC model.
As previously, the envelope is available in gummed and peel and seal closures, with and without a cross in the efficient tear off section, which features a gummed strip to prevent damage to paper contents such as cheques and banknotes. 

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