collection envelopes for churches, cathedrals and charities everywhere

orders can be placed from as
little as £40 including carriage


options for smaller customers

meeting the £40 minimum order size

All our envelope quantities reach our minimum order size, except 200 untitled Gift Aid envelopes. To make up the order to £40, consider adding a poster holder or perspex envelope holders for displaying your envelopes with maximum impact.

If you only require a holder, consider whether you need Gift Aid envelopes to go with it.


split your order

Split orders reduce unit costs, save on carriage, reduce wastage and enable you to buy at today’s price. They are particularly suited to the smaller customer. Our modern digital set-up enables us to split an order and deliver extra value for a minimal extra outlay. 

a split by date

Applicable if you require numbered and dated sets. Meet our minimum order size of 30 sets by ordering more than one year at a time. An example would be two lots of 15 or 20 sets, each starting in consecutive years.

a split by heading

Relevant for boxed sets and Gift Aid envelopes. Join with another church or group and order together. We can print many headings within a single order. Also consider this if you need more than one heading for your Gift Aid envelopes. 


Envelope colour changes and numbering re-sets are all available as part of a split order. A single split adds £7.50 to your order, two splits costs £12.50. More than this would involve special pricing. 

Due to their complexity, splits are not available for order online, but don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, post or email if this sounds like the right option for you.


More options for boxed sets


economy style

This is a do-it-yourself option for making up boxed sets using the same high quality envelopes as for regular sets. Find out more here.

week 1, week 2 dating

The dating system that doesn’t date your envelopes! This style ensures your sets last as long as you need them to with no wastage. Week 1, week 2 dating can be specified at the ordering stage on any style of weekly boxed set. Find out more here.

design your own

need something extra special? Let us produce beautiful envelopes from your own artwork. Perfect for promoting your corporate ID.

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Fund FilerTM

make your Gift Aid reclaims easy. Use Fund Filer to keep track of all your donors and donations and reclaim online in just a few clicks. Quick, accurate and HMRC compliant reclaims every time. Start your 6 week free trial today.

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