Cancellations and returns

Orders are considered firm once placed and can’t always be cancelled.

Customised goods

These include customised Gift Aid envelopes of various types and boxed sets. As these are being customised specially for you, they are exempt from the distance selling regulations and you may therefore still have to pay for them even if you decide later that you wish to cancel. For this reason, if you’re not sure you definitely require the goods, it would be better to wait until you are.

Provided the goods have not already been printed, orders may be cancelled subject to a £12.50 administration charge.  Although we advise allowing 21 days for delivery, orders are frequently printed much faster than this. Reprints are often produced in a matter of days. In addition, although our terms are payment with order, we do reserve the right to print ahead of being paid if it suits our production schedule. Cancellations are not possible in these circumstances. You will still be liable to pay for your order once it is produced.

Non-customised goods

These include products such as untitled Gift Aid envelopes, envelope holders and cash books. Orders for these may be cancelled at any time before despatch. We will also accept returns, subject to an administration charge of £12.50. Return carriage is at the customer’s expense.