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Links to great resources for managing your charity smoothly and efficiently.

HMRC and Gift Aid

For general matters, try these details:

Web: Main HMRC contact page for charities

HMRC offers webchat and links for sending specific queries from its main contact page above.

Telephone Helpline: 0300 123 1073, open 8.30am – 5pm

Not registered with HMRC yet?

HMRC offers a comprehensive guide to registration at this link

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There is a specific section on HMRC’s website devoted to charities forms, accessible via this link:

Charities Online

Most Gift Aid repayment claims with HMRC are made online. Whether you plan to claim direct or use a third party service such as Fund Filer, registering with HMRC’s Charities Online service. is the first step.

Fund Filer

Manage your Gift Aid with our sister service, Fund Filer. Record your donors and donations in a fully secure online environment and let Fund Filer calculate the Gift Aid due and prepare your repayment claim.

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Charities Commission information
England and Wales

The Regulator for Charities in England and Wales (The Charity Commission)

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Office of the Scottish Charitiy Regulator (OSCR)

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Northern Ireland

Charity Commission for Northern Ireland

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General Resources
Parish Resources

Parish Resources is operated by the stewardship department of the Church of England and features a comprehensive range of resources tailored for the needs of parish church treasurers.

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Charities Aid Foundation

Many customers of Envelope Systems and Fund Filer use CAF’s wide range of services.

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Institute of Fundraising

The Institute is a Government-backed body dedicated to supporting and representing fundraisers via effective leadership, standards setting and training. Envelope Systems and Fund Filer are members.

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Association of Church Treasurers and Accountants

The Association was set up in the wake of the Charities Acts 1992 and 1993 and seeks to guide church book-keeping and accounts officers (treasurers and their assistants), specifically on accounts regulations as they apply to churches. It is not specific to any denomination and the Association makes a point of addressing the needs of lay, untutored officers, via training, seminars and other types of support.