Machine proofs and artwork pdfs are available, but need requesting specially for orders that don’t feature any colour.

Customised Gift Aid envelopes and boxed sets

These are designed and priced to keeps costs as low as possible and do not include a proof or pdf as part of the normal pricing. An artwork pdf or machine proof can be supplied at an extra cost of £35. This can’t be ordered online, but if you would like one of these, please contact us directly.

Colour printed Gift Aid envelopes

The price for these include an artwork pdf.

Design your own

We will provide an individual quote for bespoke envelopes and this will include a price for a machine proof. We would recommend proofs for orders of this kind unless they are reprints. We also reserve the right to insist on one for certain types of designs.

If you require multiple changes after the first proof, this may incur extra charges.